I went to a psychic fair

Katrina Clarke | April 26, 2015 | Toronto Star


Me getting a reading.

For skeptical Torontonians who argue psychic reading is phoney and a scam, a few thousand residents disagree with you.

The city’s largest psychic event was in town this weekend, attracting upwards of 3,000 people who met with psychic readers, mediums, clairvoyants and healers. The Exhibition Place crowd ranged from serious psychic-goers and curious people to a few staunch skeptics dragged by their friends — but all were welcome, insisted fair organizers.

“If somebody’s a skeptic, I think that’s wonderful,” says Stan Mallow, organizer of the second annual First Star Psychic Fair, adding that he hoped the fair dispelled preconceived notions about psychic activities performed in dimly lit rooms behind curtains. “We want people to feel comfortable.”

Visitors flitted from pendulum vendors to psychic mediums, seeking answers to questions about their love lives, careers, dead loved ones and the future. “I just want to know more about the spiritual world,” said Natasha Henry, 38, who came with her daughter. “I like to think that we’re more than just skin and bones.”

Some cried during readings, others started intently into psychics’ eyes, and a few came strictly for the shopping — eager to snap up the perfect crystal.

The Star chatted with visitors and vendors and indulged in psychic services for the first time — receiving a tarot card reading, a tea leaf reading, a channelled psychic reading and a romance report based on natal charts. The results:

Pregnancy and engagement is predictable

According to the cards I flip over in my tarot reading, I’ll be pregnant within the year, says clairvoyant Charlotte Szivak, handling my tarot cards and tea leaves. She quickly clarifies that pregnancy can mean starting a new project, not just giving birth. Then she says I’ll be engaged in August. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin that surprise,” she says.

Concealed crystals

Szivak tells me I “over-intellectualize” and compares me to neurotic Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. She tells me I need to chill out and prescribes “a margarita and a hammock.” Then she hands me a fist-sized rose quartz crystal and tells me to wear it in my bra — it will help me heal myself, she says.

Barriers to communicating with the dead

I don’t know many people who have died. This was a burden during my reading with Josie Grouse, a psychic medium and angel messenger who says she can communicate with spirit guides. She asks, “Who is Paul?” I rack my brain but come up empty. “I’m seeing the name S . . . I feel like it’s a Stan or Stanley,” she says. Again, nothing. She asks if I have a brother-figure who has died. I don’t. She asks about dogs that have passed away. I suggest my boyfriend’s grandma’s dog. We move on.

Romance secrets from an electric psychic

Linda Fulcher calls herself the Electric Psychic. She invites me to provide my birth information to help her generate a psychic reading on relationships and romance, based on the planets’ position during my birth. My form tells me: “You FEEL emotions so strongly! . . . Loving you is Heaven . . . or Hell!”

All in all, I’m a little skeptical. And at $50 a pop for a 15-minute session, psychic readings won’t be a regular occurrence for me. But hey, maybe a crystal in my bra, a hammock under my bottom and a few margaritas in my belly, I’ll be feeling differently.


About Katrina Clarke

Katrina Clarke is a Toronto- and Vancouver-based freelance reporter. Her work appears in the National Post, the Toronto Star, CBC Life and J-Source. Reach her at katrina.clarke24@gmail.com or on Twitter at @KatrinaAClarke.
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