Kim Kardashian West talks Kanye, North and clothing line, but not Caitlyn Jenner

Katrina Clarke | June 22, 2015 | Toronto Star


Kim Kardashian West with husband Kanye West and daughter North. Photo credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

She needs no introduction.

Every move made by reality TV juggernaut Kim Kardashian West is subject to intense scrutiny, fuelling equal parts adoration and vitriol.

Kardashian West’s brand empire includes a video game, perfumes, countless promotional projects and a children’s clothing line with her sisters, called Kardashian Kids, coming to select Babies R Us stores in Canada next month.

Despite her enormous global presence, the 34-year-old wife of Kanye West and mom to daughter North — and soon, a baby boy— says she likes keeping some things private. (When this reporter asked her a question about Caitlyn Jenner, she refused to comment.)

The Star caught up with Kardashian West for a rare Canadian interview by phone Friday.

How would you describe North’s style?

I would say she likes kind of muted colours. But she has, like, a mix between really simple and then adding a touch of girlie things. She likes her tutus, which kind of inspired our tulle skirts that we have in the girls collection. She kind of likes what mommy wears. So (I buy) her something similar. . She likes to match.

Match with you?


Is there one item that you’d never let her wear?


What is it?

(There are) a lot of kids’ clothes out there that she could not wear. . . . I’m not really big on, like, printed stuff if it’s too loud.

How about when she grows up. Is there anything you wouldn’t want her to wear?

I’m excited to see what her style is like on her own. She has my whole closet to dig through when she’s older.

Do you choose her clothes, does Kanye or does she?

I think all three of us do. There’s some moods where — anyone who has kids knows — like today, she had to wear her pink shoes, these pink Doc Martens. And you know, even if they don’t match, she has to have these shoes. But then certain days she, she’s really easy. She loves to get dressed up, she loves the process of it. Sometimes I’m getting ready and you know, we don’t have anyone here helping us and I’m busy and I’ll just say, “Babe (Kanye), you’ve got to handle it. What is she going to wear? Just take her in there and find something.” And they’ll come out and she’ll look adorable.

Does she ever choose your clothes?

No, she doesn’t fit into them. But she wears my shoes all the time.

Choose clothes for you, like, does she choose your outfits?

Oh. Um, no, not yet.

What age would you let her wear makeup at?

I mean she plays in my makeup now. She doesn’t put it on. She just makes a big mess. She’ll have, like, lipstick on the side of her face and she doesn’t really know what’s what, you know? I haven’t thought about it. I think Kanye and I would have a different opinion on that so we’d have to talk about it together. We at least have well over a decade, if not 15 years.

How would you describe your style as a child?

You know, as a child I just matched Kourtney and Khloe. I look at pictures and we were like three triplets. We matched my mom sometimes. I think that’s probably why I dress North in really simple things that she could look back in 20 years and say, “Oh, I look normal.” Instead of like ridiculous things that I see that I wore. One Christmas Eve, we wore these silver lamé dresses with huge ruffles on them. Silver lamé bows and you know, all of our hair, Kourtney, Khloe and I, we had different hair styles. And one was up with a huge silver lamé bow. One was in pigtails with silver scrunchies. They are the most ridiculous outfits I have ever seen and I remember them being — I do remember it — they were so itchy. They were so uncomfortable. And we like fussed the whole time. Even now, being a mom, having to dress my daughter, if something is uncomfortable, she says “ouchie” if the fabric isn’t comfortable.

I wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy and ask how you’re preparing North for baby No. 2.

We read books all the time that talk about a new baby and how to make room and, you know, babies aren’t always that much fun. They’ll take your toys. I read her really funny books that describe having another sibling and she loves them. So I think slowly but surely. I mean, she sees Penelope, who’s her best friend, with Mason and Reign (Kourtney’s kids) and she understands. I explain to her, “There’s going to be a new baby and you’ll have a sibling just like Penelope does.”

What’s the line between the public and private for you when it comes to your family?

I live a lot of my life really publicly but before I never really had boundaries. Kourtney always set boundaries for her filming schedule and her filming time. I never thought that I really needed them until I married Kanye and I started to have a family. Really, when I got pregnant is when I felt that. We share so much; do we share everything? I make sure that I’m here every morning to be there when my daughter wakes up and finished at night before she goes to bed. She comes with me to work and hangs out and does play dates and stuff like that with Penelope when I’m filming with Kourtney. So I mean, as much as it seems like I’m really open there is a lot that I think that I have boundaries on.

So it’s very exciting news about Caitlyn (Jenner) and I wanted to know, what does North call her?

Um, I don’t really want to answer any questions about Caitlyn. I feel like we haven’t asked one question about the line yet.

So I have a question about the line then. Who is the inspiration behind the line?

Khloe’s always there, but she doesn’t have as much input. The first season or two, Kourtney really was involved because she had two kids by then and really knew what to do. I get inspired by things that I see North and her friends wear and just, I think, a lot of it has to be like functionality and comfortability.

How did your relationship with your sister Kourtney change when you became a mom? 

It really did change a lot. We’re always really close and I always look to her for advice. But I felt like we were back (where) we were (when we were) younger again, where I would copy everything she did and ask her everything. I felt like I could never do anything on my own and what would I do without Kourtney? And I kind of felt that way again after having a baby. I would just call her all the time and ask her every baby question you could imagine. She’s been so helpful to me.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.


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