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Why striving for minimalism can be downright maddening

Katrina Clarke | March 31, 2017 | CBC Life If your sock drawer looked like a work of art, you had only two jackets and your storage unit didn’t exist, would you be happier? Maybe. Maybe not. With HGTV shows … Continue reading

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We talked to the guy who created the period-sealing glue that sexual health experts are blasting

Katrina Clarke | March 14 | CBC Life If a Kansas chiropractor has his way, you could soon seal your labia shut. Mensez is an in-the-works product that looks like a tube of lipstick and is applied to the labia minora. … Continue reading

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Free the period: Why some women choose to free bleed

Katrina Clarke | March 10 | CBC Life Joelle Barron isn’t afraid of a little menstrual blood. “I just always was more comfortable without anything on,” said Barron, now 26, a writer and doula who lives in Kenora, Ont. “(Though I) … Continue reading

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Does a musical match mean a couple is in sync?

Katrina Clarke | February 28, 2017 | Toronto Star On Katie Nestor’s first date with Gareth Williams, she gushed about the bands she’d see perform at the WayHome music festival just north of the city that weekend. Williams stared at her … Continue reading

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